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The success of your project is ultimately determined by integrating design, selection and application phases with the 5 Step Process listed below.

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Everybody’s journey to their next home has a different beginning. With each, we start with some level of design work in front of us. For some, this may be minor adjustments to existing drawings. For others, we begin with only basic conceptual notions of what they want their next home to be. Whatever the case, it is imperative to get this phase right. It is also important to understand that the Design effort does not end here. Many Design opportunities will present themselves throughout the course of the project that can greatly enhance the finished product.



Once the design work is done, and the drawings are completed, we move into the bidding phase of your project. It will generally take about a month to create a bid of substantial detail. The entire project will be broken down on a spreadsheet into subcategories for clarity. Pricing in your bid will fall into two groups, Costs and Allowances. Costs are applied to known items such as lumber and concrete. Those prices are fixed and do not change unless the project changes. Allowances are applied to unknown items. In many cases, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures and finishes are undetermined at the beginning of a project. For those products, we use an allowance. This is an estimate of what your true cost will be once you have made your final selections. Your contract pricing for those items will change accordingly when those products have been chosen.

Building Agreement


Once the bidding is complete and satisfactory, we execute a Building Agreement or contract. This contract details our respective responsibilities as we move through your project. It will cover everything from pricing and payment structure to liabilities and insurance.


Scheduling and Execution

With the contract in place, we can begin construction of your new home. During construction, I am on site daily to ensure the project is being executed according to plan in a timely fashion. Sound scheduling is imperative at this time. It is important to understand lead times associated with the countless products and subcontractors needed to maintain consistent progress. These subcontractors are people and businesses that have been part of the fabric of my family business for more than twenty years now. These long standing relationships allow me to provide you with a high level of quality in an efficient manner.


Finishing and Punch Out

In the end, I am the finish carpenter. I install the cabinetry, millwork and doors. This allows me a very close, hands-on inspection of everything that has been done. This is an additional measure of quality control. I am also personally responsible for punch out items myself.  I’ll be there to help you transition to your new home.