Custom Built Homes

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.”
~Louis Nizer

I knew from a pretty early age that I wanted to build homes. I grew up in the sawdust. It’s in my blood, and it’s who I am.
I have always had a strong desire to learn more, to look at things differently, and explore the creative side of designing and building homes. I attended the School of Architecture at the University of Detroit Mercy, where I learned to think differently; how to see things a different way. Throughout my career, I have been able to use what I learned there, to provide clients with a richness of space, and a feeling of home.

There is a satisfaction and pride that comes from using both your hands and your mind to build homes that are beautiful and functional. I love the process as much as the outcome. As John Ruskin says in “The Lamp of Life”, “…we are not sent into this world to do anything into which we cannot put our hearts. We have certain work to do for our bread, and that is to be done strenuously; other work to do for our delight, and that is to be done heartily: neither is to be done by halves and shifts, but with a will; and what is not worth this effort is not to be done at all.”

I want my clients to Love Where They Live.

  • Paula and Andy

    John was great to work with. He helped take the stress out of building a home, by giving us the needed lead time to make decisions prior to major due dates. As a result we finished right on schedule. He's also a great communicator and helped us balance our budget with the dream house we had in mind. Finally, the quality of John's work, his creativity, and his attention to details are incredible -- we would highly recommend him.

  • Dawn Snow

    My family hired the Hazelhoff's to build our dream home in Mattawan in the year 2001 - The attention to detail, the craftsmanship was amazing. They listened to my ideas, and they were carried out to perfection. I drew a design of a stand alone linen closet on a napkin or I drew my fireplace mantle, an intricate design, on the drywall of the living room and both pieces were built like fine cabinetry. Thank you Hazelhoff Family!

  • Steve and Ondalee

    Working with the Hazelhoff family on the construction of our home was an enjoyable experience. Their hard work, honesty, integrity and resourcefulness served us well throughout the entire project. After 18 years our home still reflects the quality of the Hazelhoff workmanship.

  • Craig & Julie

    We have been in our house for over seven years, and we have been so pleased with the results! We valued your flexibility in the overall design to meet our specific needs. Your craftsmanship, attention to detail, and honesty in the building process was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Angela Chestnut

    John Built our forever home in 2017-2018 and the experience could not have been any better. He made the process as easy as possible. When there were decisions to be made, he gave us plenty of warning and time to get those things done. His craftsmanship and attention to detail are unmatched. I would highly recommend John to anyone.

  • Patrick McEvoy

    John took the time up front to understand what we wanted. He developed computerized floor plans and created 3D renderings to enable us to walk through the design. This process was important as it minimized change orders and defined our scope and was then used to develop detailed material lists and project estimates. Our project was delivered on budget and on time. Building a new home is challenging. His attention to detail and timely updates kept us in the loop with no surprises. I would highly recommend him as a design build contractor.

  • Allegretti Architects, Inc.

    Over the span of many years of the architectural practice certain individuals remain fresh in your memory. John Hazelhoff has made a lasting impression in my mind as a quality person builder and craftsman who truly understands design as well as construction. Growing up in the industry gave John a complete understanding of what it takes to have the right site, an appropriate and authentically pleasing plan, how to assemble all the parts and keep it within budget while being upright and fair. John is thoughtful and does not rush a project nor is he overly methodical because he as good sense of how the parts fit. It is always a pleasant experience working with John.

  • Gregg Rutgers

    John did an incredible job. He is extremely professional, showed great attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. He did a little bit of everything for us with our remodel project. He got everything done within our timeline and within budget. We remodeled 4 bathrooms, 1 bedroom, laundry room and our kitchen. I would highly recommend John to anyone for any remodel project large or small.

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